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Daniel Sturgis





Between Letters and Abstraction

Keith Coventry, Des Lawrence, Joan Key, Kay Rosen, Lily van der Stokker 

This exhibition, commissioned by the Wordsworth Trust, brought together work by five international artists that through painting explore the formal properties of two languages, painting and writing, and whose work can be seen to oscillate in the gaps ‘between letters and abstraction’.

 A full colour catalogue accompanied the exhibition with essays Daniel Sturgis and Robert Woof, and a poem The Letterman by Matthew Hollis. The catalogue is available mail order from the Wordsworth Trust.

Des Lawrence Scratch painting: Eliot's Wasteland 1994, oil on canvas, 214 x 150 cm


Keith Coventry Junk & Junk No.7 2002, oil on canvas, wood and glass, 84 x 74 cm & 55 x 45 cm


Kay Rosen Pendulum 2004, latex paint on wall, 240 x 510 cm