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selected books and catalogues

Transfer: Korean and British Abstract Painting and the Digital Document
London: Korean Cultural Centre UK, 2023

Daniel Sturgis and Dan Walsh: The Science of Painting
Barry Schwabsky, Milan: Luca Tommasi, 2021

Della Gooden, Brighton: Phoenix Art Space, 2019

A Misura D'Uomo
Stefano Castelli, Milan: Luca Tommasi, 2019

Why Patterns?
David R Watson and Martyn Simpson, London: No20 Arts, 2018

Red White and Blue
Michael Bracewell, London: Chelsea Space, 2012

Ha Ha What does this represent?
David Ryan, London: Standpoint Gallery, 2012

John Moores Painting Prize 2010
Norman Rosenthal, Liverpool: Walker Art Gallery, 2010

Painting Today
Tony Godfrey, London: Phaidon Press, 2009

Who's in charge here?
Martin Holman, Riverside: Contemporary Art Space, 2009

La peinture est presque abstraite
Lucile Encrevé, David Ryan, Bourges: Le Transpalette, 2009

Plastic Culture Legacies of Pop 1986 - 2008
Roger Cook, Preston: Harris Museum and Art Gallery, 2009

Invisible Cities
Roger Kelly & Katie Pratt, London: Jerwood Space, 2009

Louise Taylor, Margate: Turner Contemporary 2009

The Berwick Gymnasium Fellowships – an archival record
Katharyn Standing, "Daniel Sturgis - Fill of Beauty", Newcastle: Editions North East, 2008

Minimalism and After: Tradition and Tendencies of Minimalism from 1950 to the Present
Renate Wiehager, Stuttgart: Daimler Chrysler Collection, Hatje Cantz, 2007 

Transmission Speaking and Listening, Volume 2
Sharon Kivland & Lesley Sanderson Eds, Sheffield: Sheffield Hallam University, 2004

John Moores 23
Liverpool: Walker Art Gallery, 2004

Broadening minds with the art of memory
Tom Shakespeare, Newcastle: Hatton Gallery, 2003 

Painting as a Foreign Language
Suhail Malik, Brazil: Edificio Cultura Inglesa, 2003

David Ryan, London: Richard Salmon Gallery, 2003

Surface Tension - New British Painting,
Suhail Malik, Venice: Gallery Holly Snapp, 2002

Complementary Studies - recent abstract painting
Martin Herbert, Preston: Harris Museum, 2002

Perfidy - surviving modernism
Simon Groom, Cambridge: Kettle's Yard, 2002 

All of My Heart
Stephen Hepworth, Florence: Gallery Hotel Art, 2001

Young British Art: The Saatchi Decade
Sarah Kent, Dick Price, Richard Cork London: Booth-Clibborn Editions, 1999

Fine Art 1998-1999, The British School at Rome
Paolo Balmas, "Daniel Sturgis" Rome:The British School at Rome, 1999 

David Barrett, London: Jerwood Space, London, 1998

Out of Order
Stuart Morgan, London: Independent Art Space, 1996

publications | Daniel Sturgis

41/42 Publications and Editions, 2023

Daniel Sturgis The Way It Is
Jo Melvin, Milan: Luca Tommasi, 2018

Painting on The Edge
Charlie Gere, Coniston: Grizedale Arts, 2017

Daniel Sturgis History Painting
Charles Darwent, London: ArtFirst, 2014

Daniel Sturgis And then Again
A conversation between Pia Gottschaller and Daniel Sturgis in his studio
London: noshowspace, 2014

The Indiscipline of Painting
Martin Clark, Sarah Shalgosky, Daniel Sturgis (eds) London: Tate, 2011
Catalogue text by Daniel Sturgis 

Daniel Sturgis Equal Minds
Tony Godfrey, London: Westbrook Gallery, 2007

Daniel Sturgis
David Tomkins, Chinati Foundation newsletter 12, Marfa: Chinati Foundation, 2007, p 78-79 

Divide We Unite: The Paintings of Daniel Sturgis
Terry R. Myers, New York: Cynthia Broan Gallery, 2005

Daniel Sturgis Abstract Logic
Matthew Collings, Kathy Kubicki, Grasmere: The Wordsworth Trust, 2005

Daniel Sturgis: It's Good to be home
Roy Voss, New York: Cynthia Broan Gallery, 2007

Daniel Sturgis: New Works
Barry Schwabsky, Athens: The Apartment, 2004

Daniel Sturgis: Fill of Beauty
Edgar Schmitz, Berwick upon Tweed: Berwick Gymnasium Gallery, 2002

selected reviews

Jillian Knipe in conversation with Daniel Sturgis
Jillian Knipe, Studio Instantloveland, October 2019

The Indiscipline of Painting
Filipa Oliveira, Artforum, March 2012

On Painting
David Ryan, Art Monthly, April 2012

The Indiscipline of Painting & Mary Heilmann 'Visions, Waves, and Roads'
Sam Rose, Studio International, March 2012

John Moores 2010
Sandra Gibson, Catalyst, January 2011

Seltsame Währung
Von Georg Leisten, Stuttgarter Zeitung, February 2011

Invisible Cities
Ossian Ward, Time Out, February 5 2009

Sue Williams, Daniel Sturgis Contrapop: Did you say abstraction? Sorry I got distracted
Dionyssis Kardaris, artime, No.2 2005

View from Grasmere
Jason Oddy, Modern Painters, October 2005

Feature: Daniel Sturgis
Time Out Athens, October 7 2004 

No horizon, memory and forgetting
Mark Patterson, The Guide: Nottingham, Nov 8 2003

Daniel Sturgis at the apartment interview
Margarita Kataga, Art-Omma, 2003

Daniel Sturgis Berwick Barracks
Peter Chapman, The Information, The Independent, June 30 2001

Roderick Conway Morris, International Herald Tribune, June 16 2001 

Quietness, plainness and persistence Encounters
Martyn Simpson, The Architecture Foundation, March 2001

Modern Painters, Summer 2001

Daniel Sturgis: New Paintings
Kirsty Walker, a-n Magazine, August 2001

Sotiris Kyriacou, Contemporary Visual Arts, issue 31 2000

David Gleeson, Time Out, November 8 2000

Jason Oddy, The Independent, September 27 2000

Karen Wright, Modern Painters, Autumn 2000

Contemporary Visual Arts, issue 30 2000

Jojo Moyes, The Independent, September 6 2000

The Big Show: Dumbpop
John Russell Taylor, The Times,  January 2 1999

Sarah Kent, Time Out, December 9 1998

Matthew Collings, Modern Painters, Winter 1998

Sewing together a pattern of success
Morgan Falconer, Highbury and Islington Express, November 6 1999

Britische Malerie in der Stuttgarter
Rainer Vogt, Galerie Hollenbach Stuttgarter Nachrichten, October 31 1998

Daniel Sturgis
Sarah Long, Art Review, March 1998

Liz Arnold; Jane Simpson; Daniel Sturgis
Martin Herbert, Time Out, March 1997

Liz Arnold, Jane Simpson, Daniel Sturgis
Simon Grant, Guardian Guide, March 1997

Art to Order
Martin Vincent, City Life Magazine, Manchester, January 6 1997

The Sunday Picture
Steven Poole, Independent on Sunday, December 29 1996

Out of Order
James Hall, Guardian, March 1996

Tania Guha, Time Out, July 1994

Pet Show
David Lillington, Time Out, December 1993

Daniel Sturgis
David Lillington, Time Out,  June 1992